Invite & Link app users

Invite drivers to your application and link them with your web dashboard

Invite to join a Company with a Company Invitation Code

1. Generate a Company Invitation Code

List of User | Add User(s)
Company Invitation Code

For white-label apps

If you registered a corporate account for ZenRoad (or Smart Fleet Tracking) web dashboard, you can invite your drivers from ZenRoad to join your dashboard. Once your colleagues join your company, you will see them in your web dashboard.

Share a company invitation code (from the previous step) with your colleagues, ask them to open the app -> Settings -> Join a company - > enter the company invitation code.

For SDK Integrators

Use this API to integrate in your app the same flow.

Invite to join your app via Email or Link sharing

Note: this option is available only for White-Label Applications.

If you use SDK only — this option is unavailable.

Users | Add Users

Note: You will see the available link for invitation of the end users only after you fill the links to AppStore and/or Google Play in your Application settings.

Invite App Users

Invite users to your application by email

Your user will get an email to join application

Email: Invitation to join application

After following the link your user will see the registration form:

Registration in Application

After filling this form the user will see the buttons to AppStore and Google Play to download application and receive an SMS with the code to log in the application.

You can also send the direct link to this registration form.