A list of all users with their provided permissions
This page helps to indicate if correct app permissions were set up and if it is a good internet connection, so the tracking works correctly.
Here you can find detailed guides for each OS, including troubleshooting.
Status Date
When we received the latest info from device.
OK/ISSUE - this status is a result based on all fields below.
GPS Permission
App access to Location services
Low Precise Location (iOS)
App access to precise Location services. Tracking will not work correctly if Low Precise Location mode is turned on.
Motion Permission
App access to accelerometer.
Android: Motion permission
iOS: Motion & Fitness permission
Phone Access to Wi-Fi receiver
Phone Access to GPS receiver
Mobile Data
Phone Access to GPRS/LTE
Low Power Mode
Shows if battery optimisation is turned on. Tracking will not work correctly when this mode is turned on.
JailBrake (iOS)
Shows if the iOS device is hacked. We do not support such devices.
Device Has Been Rooted
Shows if the Android device is hacked. We do not support such devices.
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