Point realtime data to 3rd party platform

Our Telematics SDK supports a dynamic protocol. For realtime data we generate a protocol that comparable with several hardware telematics protocols. It enables SDK to work with a major part of fleet management platforms and telematics platforms without additional coding or integration.

Comparable protocols:

  • Teltonika Codec 8 (a main Teltonika FM device protocol that is used for sending data to the server)

How to point data to 3rd party platform

Please go to Datahub -> Management -> 🚗 Realtime data

Real-time data settings interface allows you to point data to 3rd party platform as well as set up parameters for real-time data.

  1. Make sure you have selected the correct user group. all settings are applied to Group level. 👉 Create a user group

  2. Enable real-time data

  3. Set up IMEIs. you will see users under IMEIs on the 3rd party platform.

  4. Set Server settings: Server IP address and Port. This information can be found in 3rd party platform specification when you select a comparable device.

  5. Optional: change settings such as data frequency while driving and while other time. this parameters shows how often you will receive data from the telematics SDK.

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